A Parent’s Guide to Apprenticeships

As a parent/carer, you have a colossal influence on prospective apprentices and of course you should want to understand the in’s and out’s of the Apprenticeship your loved one is considering.

What is an Apprenticeship?
An Apprenticeship is a great way to gain qualifications and workplace experience. Apprenticeships allow a person to earn as they learn whilst gaining practical skills and work ethic.

How do I find Apprenticeship Opportunities?
Prospective Apprentices can check for vacancies on our website or contact a member of our team on 0845 223 2401

How is learning done through an Apprenticeship?
An Apprenticeship is essentially a set of qualifications called a ‘framework’ developed by Sector Skills Councils.

Most Apprenticeship frameworks follow a standard format that comprises;

  • Qualifications Credit Framework (QCF)
  • Technical Certificate
  • Key Skills
  • Employer Rights and Responsibilities (ERR)

All training is completed in the workplace and the learner’s assigned assessor will also visit them at the workplace.

What happens if the Apprentice moves employers?
The apprentice will not have to restart the apprenticeship. In most cases an apprentice can continue the same apprenticeship programme with a different employer.

Will an Apprenticeship lead to a good career?
Career progression is excellent for apprentices, and over the course of their careers, those with an Apprenticeship earn, on average, £100,000 more than those without*

[*A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Apprenticeships and Other Vocational Qualifications, University of Sheffield, 2007]

Will the Apprentice get paid?
Yes the learner is entitled to Apprentice NMW which is currently £3.30 an hour.

Could the Apprentice go to University upon completing the course?
Yes – Some Apprenticeships already attract UCAS points or allow a person to study for a Technical Certificate. Once the Apprenticeship has finished there’s the opportunity to carry on working, maybe get promoted or go on to higher education in a college or university.

What are the benefits of an Apprenticeship to the Learner?

  • It can set the learner up to move into new and better jobs
  • The learner receive a salary, avoiding hefty Student loans
  • The Apprentice will get to experience new and different challenges
  • The learner’s existing skills and knowledge are recognised and can help them gain a qualification faster
  • The Apprentice will have the ability to learn at their own pace and get support when needed
  • Better job security
  • The opportunity to gain skills and knowledge which can be used across a range of jobs and industries.


How long does it take?
An apprenticeship lasts for a minimum of 12 months

What time of the year do they start?
A learner can apply at any time throughout the year, the time the apprenticeship starts is dependent on the employer.

For more information visit our website or contact us on 0845 223 2401



How to make the most out of your Apprenticeship

Starting and partaking in an Apprenticeship is a great career move, it’s a big and positive life step but how do you make the most out of a good situation?

  • Although this blog post is technically about making the most of your Apprenticeships, make sure you take advantage of your Job/Career fairs or your School or College’s career departments – they can help you find a suitable apprenticeship.
  • Realise that although your apprenticeship wage may be low it’s still a better financial alternative to University or unpaid Internships.
  • Get as much experience as possible – broaden your horizons and try to experience all the departments in your company.
  • Stay Confident – Anybody and everybody can make mistakes, don’t let your dampen your confidence and capabilities! Learn through your mistakes and consider them a learning experience.
  • Network – An apprenticeship is a great time to build and maintain contacts in the professional field – go to business events, socialise, make contacts within the company.
  • Work Hard – Enjoy the experience but ultimately work hard – people will recognise hard work and eagerness and you’ll build a good reputation, which could potentially lead you to your next role.

Why Study Social Media & Digital Marketing?

Social Media & Digital Marketing is on the rise. The digital marketing industry is booming and has grown from a trend to a significant influence in a short period of time; as a result there is a huge demand for Social Media & Digital Marketers.

A Social Media & Digital Marketing Apprenticeship is great if you want to enter the Social Media and Digital Marketing sector as well as those already working in these areas that are looking to renew their skills with formal training. The course recognises the rapid growth of the Social Media and Digital Marketing sectors as business tools and helps learners develop their knowledge and put it into practice.

If you’re interested in a Digital Marketing Apprentice head over to our website and take a full look at the course we offer and apply!

Why not read Chloe’s Story, one of Steadfast’s Social Media & Digital marketing apprentices.

Chloe’s Story | Social Media & Digital Marketing

Hello, it’s Chloe.

If you’ve ‘liked’ our Steadfast Training Ltd page on Facebook then you’ve probably seen the occasional ‘Chloe Update’ that is posted onto Facebook to keep everyone informed on what’s going on in the life of Chloe.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a Social Media & Digital Marketing Apprentice at Steadfast Training Ltd. I’m writing this blog post share with you how I came to work for Steadfast and if I’d recommend an Apprenticeship – I’ll try not to tell you my life story but I do have a habit of digressing.

After finishing my GCSE’s I went on to New College Stamford to study A-Levels in Media, Film Studies and Photography with the dreams of becoming the new David Bailey, however during the time I spent there I started to recognise I was enjoying Media more, I found Media straightforward yet still enjoyable, it made me think but I found it easy to understand, everything just clicked – after completing a module on the effects of Social and Digital Media I became increasingly interested in how it was used for marketing and how you can influence people through the use of language, video and image via online platforms. In spite of appreciating Media more I still applied to study Fashion Photography at University however the closer it came to September the more I realised that it wasn’t want I aspired to do anymore, my ambition had changed, I wanted a career in Social Media.

So, that’s when I entered the working world and managed to secure myself a Level 3 Social Media and Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with Steadfast Training Ltd in December. I finished my Apprenticeship more than 6 months ago now and I’m still here at Steadfast Training Ltd. A lot of my friends have left Univeristy now and are finding it hard to find work whereas I have nearly two years of experience under my belt and a qualification in my desired industry, I can safely say I still don’t regret turning down University..

An Apprenticeship has helped me develop old skills and learn new ones in a working environment, I’ve learnt how to deal with real working life problems, not theoretical ones – what’s even better is I’ve been earning money instead of growing the dreaded debt that comes with a student loan and the overdraft that most students have learnt to love.

To me Apprenticeships allow you to not only learning how and why a subject like Social Media works but you are also given the chance to put it into practise and gaining experience as well as a qualification. So, to answer the question everybody asks ‘Would you recommend an apprenticeship?’ The answer is yes, I believe this is the right route for me and I’m glad I chose an Apprenticeship over Uni. It’s not only helping me develop my career, work ethics, qualifications and portfolio it’s also helping me develop myself as a person.

If you’re interested in an apprenticeship then check out the vacancies here or call us on 0845 223 2401

I’m looking forward to see what the future brings and of course I will keep you all up-to-date on what happens, so follow Steadfast’s blog to stay in touch!


Chloe Robinson

10 Things not to put in your CV


A description about what you look like or even images of yourself should never be included on a CV. It isn’t professional and will be viewed as a mockery if it includes this information.



Proofread your CV, twice and then get someone else to do it! Spelling and grammar mistakes can be a huge turn off to an employer! REMEMBER: Spellcheck isn’t always write


Putting irrelevant work experience on your CV will dilute your key message and fill up needed space!


If your hobbies will show you in an unusual light it is better to leave them out, stick to a short and precise list (e.g. writing, reading, etc)


If you have an inappropriate or embarrassing email address, don’t use it! – Think about creating a more professional email specifically for your job search.


Stay away from negative words such as; mistake, awful, bad, nothing even if they’re used in a positive sentence (e.g. awfully good)


You should never include this information on your CV! If this info gets into the wrong hands you could be in trouble! Have it ready for your employer when they ask for it but don’t include it on your CV.


A long CV is boring and gives the impression that you’re unable to distinguish important and irrelevant information – stick to 1-2 pages.


Clip art, too many distracting colours and strange fonts will make your CV hard to read. Make a good impression with your CV and don’t distract from the information with bold designs.

For more information on CV and employability take a look at our Job Seekers section on the website.

Jade’s Story | Business Administration Apprentice

Hi, I’m Jade and I work for Steadfast Training Ltd. I’ve been asked to write a little about my time as an apprentice and what it has been like for me. I’ll try not to overload you with my story, but I hope that it gives you some more knowledge on the whole deal about apprenticeships.

After I finished my GCSE’s at the Sir John Gleed School, I decided to go on and study A-Levels. I’m one of those people who never really made a decision about where I wanted to go in life. I was trying to broaden my horizons by studying a wide range of subjects. Although I did okay in my exams, I found that I wasn’t enjoying sixth form as much as I enjoyed working. This pushed my decision to leave the sixth form at the start of my second year, and leap into the world of work.

I trundled along as a waitress for just over a year before I realised that I wasn’t going to gain anything but money from it and at the end of the day a career is what I really wanted. I began to search for a new job, and found myself accepting a Business Administration Apprenticeship with Steadfast Training in October 2014.

As I worked through my apprenticeship, I enjoyed learning new skills and refreshing old ones. I’ve learned a vast amount with the company, for example pure administration work to sales, which has given me the experience I need. I’m not just learning about business, I am also kick-starting my future career. Also, I’m being paid to earn a qualification – something so simple to others but is fairly important to me.

I do not regret going down the apprenticeship route, because it has given me the flexibility to earn and learn and if I do choose to go to Uni, it is still available for me to do through the apprentice scheme. I would recommend this route to anyone who is like me: not sure on what they want to do and preferring to work than sit in a classroom. Doing an apprenticeship isn’t a second class route, it’s as good as going to university – it’s just a different option.

Apprenticeships: The Benefits

Not sure if an Apprenticeship is right for you? Check out these benefits!

Apprenticeships have continued to grow over recent years, as apprenticeships have grown so have the benefits.

An apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to work for a real employer, earn a salary and gain real, nationally recognised qualifications. Take a look at some of the other benefits below;

  • Paid holiday
  • A Salary (a study by notgoingtouni.com revealed that the average university graduate had a starting salary of £14,734, whilst those who had completed an apprenticeship on average had a starting salary of £18,463.)
  • The opportunity to develop skills
  • 90% of apprentices stay in employment after finishing their apprenticeship
  • 82% said their apprenticeship had improved their ability to do the job and 79% said that their career prospects had improved
  • 19% of advanced apprentices progress to Higher Education

Check out our video – just follow the link 🙂


What to do after an Apprenticeship?

As you get closer towards the end of your Apprenticeship you need to start thinking about the next step! Some of you may have not been thinking much further than the apprenticeship itself so the whole thing can be quite daunting.

First things first, know your options! You need to know what is available in order to make an informed decision. Speak to your assessor, manager and even a Job Centre advisor!

Finding a job

If you started your apprenticeship straight from school then the thought of finding a job may be scary, make sure you do plenty of research and put the skills you’ve learnt into practise – if you need some extra help we’ve got some handy posts on CV tips and Interview tips!

Going permanent

You may be lucky enough to be offered a permanent position at the company! However if this hasn’t been mentioned try talking to your manager about current vacancies within the company and give clear, concrete examples of how you are an asset to the company.

Further Education

You may want to further your education, look at all your options whether it’s a higher level apprenticeship, university or a different route! Many of our learners go on to the do the next level of their apprenticeship!

Finishing an apprenticeship is only the start of your career. Do your research, ask advice and make an informed decision!

Good luck!

Why should you do an IT Apprenticeship?

There are many reasons to partake in an Apprenticeship from the salary to the experience (read more about the benefits of an Apprenticeship here) but why should you take an IT apprenticeship?

As I’m sure you are all aware the world is becoming more and more reliant on technology and in turn becoming more reliant on those working within it.

Taking an apprenticeship in IT will open many career doors as it is such a varied subject. Our IT User Apprenticeship could take you to all sorts of businesses in all sorts of roles; from IT Buyer to Receptionist to Finance Worker.

The Apprenticeship will take you through a variety of IT Skills from maintenance to troubleshooting.

Read our real stories of our Apprentices here