#WorksForMe: Joseph’s Story


“I have found that since completing my apprenticeship my confidence both inside and outside work has increased rapidly. I now have the confidence I need to progress in and out of the workplace.

Whilst working under an Apprenticeship programme this has allowed me to not only gain my Business Administration Level 2 award but also my ICT Functional Skills Level 2. Both these Level 2 awards will help both in my current employment or if I decide to leave my current employer they will certainly help me in the very congested job market.

The best part of an apprenticeship though is the fact that I earn while I learn on the job. Being the only one of my generation of my family not to go University is fine with me as I don’t have any Student Debts over my shoulders. It’s great to think that whilst I am studying my apprenticeship I am actually earning as well!”

Joseph Pearson, Recruitment and Training Advisor, Steadfast Training Ltd

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3 Time Management Tips for a more productive day

Sometimes we are all guilty of letting our ‘to-do’ list get on top of us because it’s easier to put to one side or we just can’t find the time to fit it all in. 90% of us will of used the phrase ‘there needs to be more hours in the day’.

Steadfast Training Ltd are here to share 3 of our best time management tips to help you work more efficiently. For more help with time management take a look at our CPD online course that will teach you how to use your time productively.

Time Management Tips;

  1. Be Organised
    One of the most crucial factors of good time management is the organisation systems in place. Make sure your paperwork is in order and filed, limit your distractions and streamline your processes. A good step would be to streamline your emails, unsubscribe from lists you don’t need as this will stop distractions and keep your inbox organised.
  2. Complete the most important task first
    At the start of your day identify the 2 or 3 most crucial tasks, after you’ve completed these the day will be a success even if you take a break or carry on with the ‘less essential’ tasks. 

  3. Agree a time limit to complete a task
    Instead of thinking ‘I will work until I’ve completed this task’ start setting yourself deadlines. ‘I will work on this task for 2 hours’ will encourage you to work more productively and procrastinate less as you will be working against the clock.

To improve your time management skills enrol onto our Time Management online course, the 30 minute course will teach you simple processes to improve your time management and you can complete it at your own pace, in your own place!


Katie’s Story | Business Administration Apprenticeship

Hi Guys, My name is Katie and I am currently undertaking a Business Admin apprenticeship at Steadfast Training Ltd. A couple of us have been asked to share a little bit about ourselves and our apprenticeship, so here I go with mine.

At school I did a Level 3 Business Extended Diploma and loved it, I found it very interesting and it kept me on my toes. There was a lot of work involved but as I found it enjoyable I flew through it and found myself wanting to do the work because I enjoyed it not because I had to. I then went on to college and studied a Teaching Extended Diploma for primary school teaching. I enjoyed this but as the year went on, I was more and more determined I was going down the wrong path and I wanted to do something within the Business sector.

I left college and worked full time until I found a Business Admin apprenticeship. I applied and got a phone call from Lauren here at Steadfast Training. She asked me a few questions about the company I applied for etc.

A few days later she rang me back and informed me that Steadfast Training Ltd wanted to have an interview with me. I went for an informal interview on the Thursday and a formal interview on the Friday. I was told at my interview that I would hear back within a few days to see how I got on. A couple of hours later after my interview, I got a phone call from Lauren saying I got the apprenticeship and could start Monday! I was over the moon! I was finally doing something in the sector that I enjoy and wanted to progress in.

I have only been doing my apprenticeship for only 3 months now but I am getting on so well, it feels like I’ve been here for years! I am really enjoying my apprenticeship, getting experience and I learn something new pretty much every day. I’m the sort of person that likes to learn by doing, not by writing about it so the apprenticeship suits me to the T.

I wasn’t sure about an apprenticeship before I started this one and already, only 3 months into my apprenticeship I love it and would recommend doing an apprenticeship to anyone that is thinking about it or is stuck on what to do.

You learn, get experience, earn money and get a qualification! What is not to love?



What can an Apprentice do for your Business?

Now we nearly always focus on the learner in our blog so we thought it was about time we gave the employers some attention – this post is for you, employers!

You’ve probably seen all the benefits an Apprenticeship can have on a learner/employee but do you know what an Apprenticeship can bring to your business?

Whether you’re in the IT or Health Sector an apprenticeship can benefit you, there are many reasons to take one on! Here are our favourite benefits;

  • Vocational Training can help your business gain Skills & Knowledge that will enable you to work better and quicker.
  • Apprentices can strengthen your bottom line by improving productivity.
  • Apprentices can fill in any Skills Gaps in your workforce often introducing new techniques and technology to increase productivity.
  • Introducing a young enthusiastic apprenticeship into your company can generate new ideas and encourage a culture of learning.
  • Apprenticeships are a tried and tested way to recruit new staff, re-train or upskill existing staff.
  • Learning is undertaken in the workplace meaning there is minimum disruption.
  • Apprenticeships attract people who can bring fresh, innovative ideas to your business.
  • Apprenticeships allow you to mould young talent to their specific requirement.