What an Apprenticeship in Business Admin is like

A Business Administration Apprenticeship could be a great place to start if you are looking to start a new career or already working in general administrator looking to advance in your career. We offer Business Administration in levels 2,3 and 4. Just like all our apprentices you would be visited once a month by an assessor. During these meeting your assessor would provide support throughout your apprenticeship as well as carry out any assessments needed.


  • Level 2 – 12 months
  • Level 3 – 12 months
  • Level 4 – 18 months

Kim’s experience:

Our MIS Controller here at steadfast completed her Level 2 Business Administration and her Level 4 Business administration. Here is her experience of her apprenticeships:

Why did you choose to do a business admin apprenticeship?

“I just wanted something more long term, more structured and more of a career rather than just working in a job that lead me nowhere like my previous job”.

What was the assignments like?

“There was a big difference between 2 and 4 but I managed both without any struggle, Level 2 was easier to adapt to your actual job role and therefore the assignments were quite simple to complete”. Level 4 required a lot more research and more in dept knowledge.

How did you find doing an apprenticeship with steadfast overall?

“I Learnt a lot throughout both of my apprenticeships, I enjoyed it and I feel they gave me a lot more confidence. The apprenticeships helped me progress in my job role.”.