What it’s like working in hospitality

Working in the hospitality sector isn’t just waitressing during your school holidays or washing the dishes in a local pub. Hospitality is a massive sector with so many branches off into completely different types of jobs. You could be anything from a hotel concierge to a kitchen manager and they’re all great jobs because of reasons like these:

  • You make peoples day; the hospitality sector is all about people and making them happy.
  • It gives you room to grow; even if you start right at the bottom there is always room to grow and eventually become a manager or senior staff.
  • Its creative; Some roles may require you to face challenges and use your creative side.
  • It’s not 9-5; this means it’s great for people who need flexibility, perhaps students who need to work around their schooling.
  • A huge benefit of working in the hospitality industry is that you can expect no two days to ever be completely the same whilst working in almost any role.
  • If you have the travel bug, then a role in hospitality could be exactly what you are looking for. Many roles involve travelling around the globe including working on cruise ships or being an air hostess.

The hospitality sector in the UK has received an unprecedented boost as a result of a number of economic factors, leading it to become the country’s fourth biggest employer. In 2014 employment in the UK hospitality industry stood at 2.9 million jobs, representing 8.8 per cent of total UK employment. It’s a huge industry and now is a great time to help yourself get ahead with your future career.

Visit our website for information on the online courses and apprenticeships we offer to help you get further in the hospitality industry.



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