What it’s like working in hospitality

Working in the hospitality sector isn’t just waitressing during your school holidays or washing the dishes in a local pub. Hospitality is a massive sector with so many branches off into completely different types of jobs. You could be anything from a hotel concierge to a kitchen manager and they’re all great jobs because of reasons like these:

  • You make peoples day; the hospitality sector is all about people and making them happy.
  • It gives you room to grow; even if you start right at the bottom there is always room to grow and eventually become a manager or senior staff.
  • Its creative; Some roles may require you to face challenges and use your creative side.
  • It’s not 9-5; this means it’s great for people who need flexibility, perhaps students who need to work around their schooling.
  • A huge benefit of working in the hospitality industry is that you can expect no two days to ever be completely the same whilst working in almost any role.
  • If you have the travel bug, then a role in hospitality could be exactly what you are looking for. Many roles involve travelling around the globe including working on cruise ships or being an air hostess.

The hospitality sector in the UK has received an unprecedented boost as a result of a number of economic factors, leading it to become the country’s fourth biggest employer. In 2014 employment in the UK hospitality industry stood at 2.9 million jobs, representing 8.8 per cent of total UK employment. It’s a huge industry and now is a great time to help yourself get ahead with your future career.

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Get to know me

Name:  Nicholas Speroni
Job title:  Operations Manager

What does your job role entail? A bit of everything really! Working in Operations requires involvement in all aspects of the business because the role is so intrinsically linked to our Assessors & Tutors and what they are doing. distance that I can see how things could be improved.

What’s the most exciting thing about your job?
The variety and the opportunities to get involved in lots of different areas of the business keep things fresh for me, but I suppose what excites me is still the opportunity to make a difference to individual learners either with or through the Assessors & Tutors.

Why is your job important to Steadfast?
Because Steadfast have aspirations to grow and having a link between the front line and senior management is what is going to give Steadfast the greatest chance of growing successfully and sustainably.

What’s the best career advice you’ve been given?
Regardless of how happy or unhappy you are in a job-role, every day you go to work you are working for a good reference to enhance your future.

Name one thing not many people know about you?

I have what many perceive to be a dreadful taste in music!

What’s your favourite quote?

Again, too many to choose from but I’d probably go with “Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves back up” – Alfred Pennyworth, Butler to Batman


Important Dates For 2019


18th – International Religion Day

20th – International day of Acceptance

25th – Young carers awareness day/ Burns night (Scotland)


LGBT History month  Picture1

4th – World cancer Day

5th – Chinese new year Picture2

14th – Valentines Day

17th – Random acts of kindness day


1st – Self harm awareness day

4th – National apprenticeship week starts

5th – Shrove Tuesday

8th – International women’s dayPicture4

17th – St Patricks DayPicture3

30th – Mothers Day


1st – April fools Day

2nd – Autism Awareness Day

7th – World Health Day

10th – Sibling Day

14th – Palm Sunday

17th – Parkinson’s Awareness Day

19th – Good Friday

21st – Easter Sunday Picture5

22nd – Easter Monday / Earth Day

23rd – St Georges Day


5th – Ramadan Begins

6th – Nurse’s Day

7th – World asthma Day

13th – Mental Health awareness week begins

17th – International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

18th – World AIDS Vaccine day

28th – Amnesty International dayPicture6


1st – PTSD Awareness month starts

4th – Ramadan ends

5th – World Environment day  Picture7

14th – Blood Donors day

15th – Elder Abuse Awareness Day

16th – Father’s Day

18th – Autistic Pride Day

20th – World Refugee Day


1st – Sarcoma Awareness Month

11th – World population Day  Picture15

12th – Malala Day

15th – World youth skills day

17th – World day for international justice

18th – Nelson Mandela Day


1st – World Lung cancer day

12th – International Youth day

15th – Cycle to work day  Picture14

19th – World Humanitarian Day


12th – National Quiet Day

14th – World First Aid Day  Picture13

15th – Battle of Britain Day

21st – International Day of Peace

23rd – Bi visibility Day

26th – World contraception Day


1st – Black History Month begins

5th – Teacher’s Day  Picture12

10th – World Mental health Day

11th – National coming out Day

19th – Wear it Pink Day

26th – Intersex Day


5th – Guy Fawkes Night Picture11

9th – World Freedom Day

10th – Remembrance Sunday

11th – Remembrance Day Picture10

13th – World Kindness Day

14th – World Diabetes Day

30th – Carer’s rights Day


1st World Aids Day

10th – Human Rights Day

13th – Christmas Jumper Day Picture8

21st – National Robin Day

25th – Christmas Day Picture9

26th – Boxing Day