Being safe on Halloween!

If you’re planning on heading out trick or treating this year, or perhaps your children are, there’s a few things you should do to stay safe:

  • Make sure a responsible adult or guardian goes with you
  • Plan your route before you leave the house and make sure someone else knows where you are going
  • Carry a torch and wear reflective or light-coloured clothing so you can be seen
  • Stay close to home and if possible only visit the houses of people you know
  • NEVER enter a stranger’s home
  • Stay on pavements and check carefully before crossing a road.
  • Throw away any treats or sweets that have been opened or unwrapped
  • If you are wearing a mask, make sure that you can see clearly out of it
  • Make sure your costume is warm as temperatures can drop to 6’C.




There can also be dangers for teens and adults. Whilst Halloween parties are a lot of fun, Its still important to stay safe and here’s why

  • Someone under a mask might not be who you think they are.
  • Say with friends so no one gets lost
  • Don’t put your drink down, this is an easy target for people looking to spike drinks.
  • Eat well before you go out, especially if you’re planning on drinking alcohol
  • Trust your own judgement. Don’t let peer pressure sway you into doing anything you don’t want to do, It’s okay to say no.
  • Know where you’re going and how you’re getting there.

Have fun and stay safe this Halloween!



Google’s Safety Centre

On the 4th of October 2018 Google launched a new help centre dedicated to helping teachers educate students on online safety. The Google Safety Centre has resources and information to help teachers discuss important things such as data security, privacy controls, and online protection with their students. The site will eventually be available in more than 65 languages.

Last year Google surveyed over 200 teachers in the UK to learn about their experience with online safety in the classroom, they found that that teachers believe children should start learning about online safety at age seven, and 99% of the teachers we spoke to felt that online safety should be part of the curriculum, 37% of teachers admit they have witnessed an online safety issue occur while in school.

Here at Steadfast Training ltd we believe online safety is important for everyone, follow our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages for regular online safety tips, or follow our #websafewednesdays tag.

We have moved!

As the company has continued to grow it has been recognised that the business has required more space to expand but also to ensure adequate space for our Teams to grow. We are pleased to announce we have moved to a newly renovated 7,500 sq ft Office within a 1 Acre site located in Spalding. The new office is extensively open plan, holds large training rooms and modern hot desking for our field based teams.

This week we have all been working extremely hard to get moved into our new offices quickly and get back to business as normal.

Our new address is, 5 enterprise way, Pinchbeck, Spalding, PE113YR.