How to Deal with Redundancy


Redundancy is when an employer reduces their workforce because a job or jobs are no longer needed. Dealing with redundancy is something that we all hope never to have to go through, the devastation can seem to much to handle but there are some ways you can hep yourself to deal with it.

First of all, it is important to know your rights. Employers legally have to follow strict procedures when making redundancies, including making sure the selection process is fair, that you receive an explanation in writing, and that the job losses are genuine redundancies and not just an excuse for getting rid of certain people.

You should always check your contract if you have one, this may mention details to do with redundancies, perhaps the likely compensation you’d receive etc. You may also be entitled to job seekers allowance or income support when unemployed to help with any bills you may have. If you are entitled to these or not it is important to plan your finances as soon as you know you are being made redundant.

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