Top Tips for applying for a Apprenticeship.

When applying  for a apprenticeship it is important to remember that  its the first impression your possible future employers will get of you, so you best make it count!

  1. Concentrate on the application.

Apprenticeship vacancies often attract very high numbers of applicants. Your application needs to stand out – but for the right reasons.

2. Include all your details.

If A Employer reads your application and finds it promising, you want them to be able to contact you right?  Applications with missing details can be very frustrating for employers.

3. Sell Yourself.

Apprenticeships are becoming more and more popular meaning that you need to really sell yourself to an employer, make yourself fit the job and show off any skills you have.

4.Check your spellings!

Make sure to check all spellings and grammar,  This is important as it shows a good level of written communication and attention to detail.

5. Alter the application

Amend your application to fit around what each company want or ask for in the ad. Research the company a little before sending off the application.

6. check it over.

Last but not least check and double check your application. You want it to be perfect

To find out what apprenticeships we offer visit our website:


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