3 Time Management Tips for a more productive day

Sometimes we are all guilty of letting our ‘to-do’ list get on top of us because it’s easier to put to one side or we just can’t find the time to fit it all in. 90% of us will of used the phrase ‘there needs to be more hours in the day’.

Steadfast Training Ltd are here to share 3 of our best time management tips to help you work more efficiently. For more help with time management take a look at our CPD online course that will teach you how to use your time productively.

Time Management Tips;

  1. Be Organised
    One of the most crucial factors of good time management is the organisation systems in place. Make sure your paperwork is in order and filed, limit your distractions and streamline your processes. A good step would be to streamline your emails, unsubscribe from lists you don’t need as this will stop distractions and keep your inbox organised.
  2. Complete the most important task first
    At the start of your day identify the 2 or 3 most crucial tasks, after you’ve completed these the day will be a success even if you take a break or carry on with the ‘less essential’ tasks. 

  3. Agree a time limit to complete a task
    Instead of thinking ‘I will work until I’ve completed this task’ start setting yourself deadlines. ‘I will work on this task for 2 hours’ will encourage you to work more productively and procrastinate less as you will be working against the clock.

To improve your time management skills enrol onto our Time Management online course, the 30 minute course will teach you simple processes to improve your time management and you can complete it at your own pace, in your own place!