How to make the most out of your Apprenticeship

Starting and partaking in an Apprenticeship is a great career move, it’s a big and positive life step but how do you make the most out of a good situation?

  • Although this blog post is technically about making the most of your Apprenticeships, make sure you take advantage of your Job/Career fairs or your School or College’s career departments – they can help you find a suitable apprenticeship.
  • Realise that although your apprenticeship wage may be low it’s still a better financial alternative to University or unpaid Internships.
  • Get as much experience as possible – broaden your horizons and try to experience all the departments in your company.
  • Stay Confident – Anybody and everybody can make mistakes, don’t let your dampen your confidence and capabilities! Learn through your mistakes and consider them a learning experience.
  • Network – An apprenticeship is a great time to build and maintain contacts in the professional field – go to business events, socialise, make contacts within the company.
  • Work Hard – Enjoy the experience but ultimately work hard – people will recognise hard work and eagerness and you’ll build a good reputation, which could potentially lead you to your next role.