What to do after an Apprenticeship?

As you get closer towards the end of your Apprenticeship you need to start thinking about the next step! Some of you may have not been thinking much further than the apprenticeship itself so the whole thing can be quite daunting.

First things first, know your options! You need to know what is available in order to make an informed decision. Speak to your assessor, manager and even a Job Centre advisor!

Finding a job

If you started your apprenticeship straight from school then the thought of finding a job may be scary, make sure you do plenty of research and put the skills you’ve learnt into practise – if you need some extra help we’ve got some handy posts on CV tips and Interview tips!

Going permanent

You may be lucky enough to be offered a permanent position at the company! However if this hasn’t been mentioned try talking to your manager about current vacancies within the company and give clear, concrete examples of how you are an asset to the company.

Further Education

You may want to further your education, look at all your options whether it’s a higher level apprenticeship, university or a different route! Many of our learners go on to the do the next level of their apprenticeship!

Finishing an apprenticeship is only the start of your career. Do your research, ask advice and make an informed decision!

Good luck!


Why should you do an IT Apprenticeship?

There are many reasons to partake in an Apprenticeship from the salary to the experience (read more about the benefits of an Apprenticeship here) but why should you take an IT apprenticeship?

As I’m sure you are all aware the world is becoming more and more reliant on technology and in turn becoming more reliant on those working within it.

Taking an apprenticeship in IT will open many career doors as it is such a varied subject. Our IT User Apprenticeship could take you to all sorts of businesses in all sorts of roles; from IT Buyer to Receptionist to Finance Worker.

The Apprenticeship will take you through a variety of IT Skills from maintenance to troubleshooting.

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Want a Career in Hospitality?

We now offer Hospitality Training!

Hospitality is one of the most interesting and challenging industries to work in and offers a wide range of job and career opportunities and an endless variety of places to work in.

The hospitality and catering industry embraces a variety of restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, care homes, cafes, nightclubs and contract caterers.

We will now offer apprenticeships in;

To find out more visit: www.steadfasttraining.co.uk/hospitality.asp

What are Traineeships all about?

Traineeships are giving 16-24 year olds the opportunity to develop the skills they need to find, secure and succeed in employment.

A Traineeship is a programme aimed at helping young people to become ‘work-ready’, if you’re lacking experience this education and training programme will bring you up to speed with the world of work.

A Traineeship will help you gain the appropriate skills and experience you may be lacking as well as providing you with the essential work preparation training that’s needed to help you secure an apprenticeship or employment.

Who are traineeships for?

Traineeships are ideal for you if you want to find work but your lack of experience and skills are holding you back.

To be considered for a Traineeship you must be;

  • Unemployed or work less than 16 hours a week and have little work experience
  • Aged between 16-24 and qualified below level 3

For more information on Traineeships get in contact with us!

Find out more about Traineeships!