How to use Google Alerts to find a Job

Sometimes amazing job opportunities come up but you just don’t hear about them – Google to the rescue!
Google Alerts will help you stay up-to-date with job vacancies and news from your desired industry – which is great knowledge to have for interviews!

What is Google Alerts
Google Alerts will send you an email when new entries are added to search results for the terms you asked Google to monitor.

What to search for
There are two ways to search for vacancies – either search for the companies that interest you or to research jobs in your location.

How to use Google Alerts
To set up Google alerts got to:
o search for Jobs in a specific area insert the name of your desired location followed by (“new jobs” OR “new businesses”) see the example below


To search for jobs within selected business insert jobs followed by (“insert company name” OR “insert another company name”) see the example below



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