FAQ’s | Who are Apprenticeships for?

There are Apprenticeships to suit everyone’s needs, no matter what your age or situation is.

Apprenticeships are open to all age groups whether you’ve just left school, looking to start a new career or have been working for years.

For more information on whether an apprenticeship is right for you visit: www.steadfasttraining.co.uk or contact us on 0845 223 2401 or info@steadfasttraining.co.uk


How to use Google Alerts to find a Job

Sometimes amazing job opportunities come up but you just don’t hear about them – Google to the rescue!
Google Alerts will help you stay up-to-date with job vacancies and news from your desired industry – which is great knowledge to have for interviews!

What is Google Alerts
Google Alerts will send you an email when new entries are added to search results for the terms you asked Google to monitor.

What to search for
There are two ways to search for vacancies – either search for the companies that interest you or to research jobs in your location.

How to use Google Alerts
To set up Google alerts got to: https://www.google.co.uk/alerts
o search for Jobs in a specific area insert the name of your desired location followed by (“new jobs” OR “new businesses”) see the example below


To search for jobs within selected business insert jobs followed by (“insert company name” OR “insert another company name”) see the example below


Apprenticeship Vacancies – 23/04/2015

Apprentice Business Administrator with INDEX PROPERTY SEARCHES (EAST CENTRAL) LIMITED (Peterborough)

Apprentice Business Admin Assistant with HOLIDAY WITH US LTD (Wisbech)

Apprentice Business Admin Assistant with Figures (Uk) Accountancy Services Ltd (Peterborough)

Apprentice Care Worker with Brun Lea (Spalding)

Apprentice Customer Service with Roundwell (Norwich)

Customer Service Assistant Apprentice with Beechcroft Pharmacy (Norwich)

Apprentice Business Administrator with B & H Digital Limited (Huntingdon)

Apprentice Medical Receptionist with The Campingland Surgery (Swaffham)

Apprentice Office Administrator with Gifts Online 4 U Ltd (Spalding)

Apprentice Business Administrator with Jaava Ltd (Peterborough)

Customer Service Apprentice with SWITCH ELECTRICAL WHOLESALE LIMITED (Ketteringham)

Need a little help finding work?

If you need a bit of help finding a job then enrol onto our Employability & Personal Development course and leave with the skills needed to land you a job!

Throughout the course, one of our friendly tutors will support and help you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding, and raise your awareness of a range of employability skills.

During the course you and your tutor will cover;

  • Self-management skills
  • Assessing myself for work
  • Making informed career and progression choices
  • Preparing for an interview
  • Effective team work
  • Applying for a job
  • Interview Skills

Speak to your Jobcentre advisor about booking a place onto one of our courses, or call us on 0845 223 2401

5 stressful thoughts everyone has in a Job Interview.

1. I sound absolutely ridiculous
Everyone uses buzzwords in interviews, ‘networking’ ‘long-term career goals’ and calling yourself a ‘great self-starter’ are things you’d never say under any other circumstances but hey, the interviewer will love it – you gotta do what you gotta do.

2. This isn’t actually what I’m like
We all over do it in interviews, from the false smile to the over thinking of body language is stuff we feel false for doing but things we’ve got to do to help us secure that job! Don’t worry the cheek-ache will be worth it in the end

3. Am I sounding too ‘full of myself’?
In any other circumstance boasting about yourself for over an hour to a total stranger is not ok but it’s what you’ve got to do secure that job, so sit down and show off like the star you are!

4. OMG, how many questions?
You’re not prepared for this many questions. The only weakness you can think of is the struggle you have getting out of bed in the morning but you can’t answer with that because you actually want this job! (to avoid this thought again read our Hardest Interview Questions: Answered post)

5. So, have I got the job or what?…
Unless your interview was catastrophically bad you won’t really know if the job’s yours until you hear back. While you wait sit back, relax and read our tips on what to do after an interview.

How to write an amazing cover letter


A Cover Letter gives you the chance to show recruiters why you’d be good for the job before they’ve even looked at your CV. A bad cover letter could mean that the CV, you’ve spent hours perfecting, won’t even be seen.


  • Write individual cover letters for each position you apply for, every single one should be different.
  • Explain to the recruiter why you’re what they’re looking for i.e. explain how you fit the Job Description.
  • Demonstrate why you’re the best choice with examples to back you up.
  • Keep it simple – your cover letter should be 300 words max. Don’t overdo it!


  • Try to find out the contacts name so you can personalise your letter/email.
  • The first paragraph should explain why you’re writing to them.
  • The next paragraph should outline your qualifications and match them to the Job specifications.
  • Use bullet points to get maximum impact with minimum words.
  • Be Specific – use numbers!
  • Be enthusiastic – show that you’ve done your research on the company.
  • In the final paragraph point them to your CV and thank them for their time & consideration.