7 Brilliant Questions to ask in an Interview

Asking questions at the end of an interview is a must, it shows enthusiasm and reiterates your interest in the role but since we shouldn’t ask about salary, holiday or employee benefits what on earth are we meant to ask?!

  • Do you have any doubts whether I’m suited to this position?

This is a brave question to ask but it shows that you’re confident in your skills and abilities, it gives you the ability to emphasise your strengths and one last chance to ‘fight you corner’. This question will show that you’re open to constructive criticism and will give you the chance to address and concerns the employer may have.

  • How is performance measured and reviewed?

This question will show that you appreciate the importance of delivering results.

  • What are the most enjoyable and least enjoyable aspects of the role?

This could show that you like to be prepared for what challenges you’d face but it will also allow you to get an insight on the least enjoyable aspects of the role too!

  • What types of training opportunities do you offer?

A common yet effective question; asking about training opportunities shows you’re keen to develop your skills and add value to the organisation.

  • Where have successful employees previously in this position progressed to?

Another common yet effective question which emphasises determination to be successful and progress

  • What’s your favourite thing about working here?

Asking questions about your interviewer shows you’re interested in them and builds a great rapport – as well as getting an insider’s view!

  • What are the current goals the company is focussed on?

Don’t just show interest for the interviewer, show it for the company too – this will show loyalty and enthusiasm as well as proving your interest for the position.

Bonus question: How has the company changed since you joined?

This question allows you to show an interest in the interviewer and the company, as well as gaining an insight into how the company is developing!


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