5 Reasons your Job Interview was Unsuccessful

  1. You weren’t on time

This is more common than you think! Showing not only makes you look unprepared it also makes you look uninterested. Show up on time, or better yet, early.

2.  You didn’t dress to impress

Remember to dress for success! The recruiter will judge you on your outfit before you’ve even opened your mouth, make sure you look the part – we’ve got a great blog post about it!

3.  Your body language let you down

Your handshake was weak, you fidgeted way too much, and you made virtually no eye contact. Each of these things can harm your chances. Sit up straight, look interested be aware of your body language! Give our post on Interview Etiquette a read for some useful tips.

4.  You didn’t ask any questions

Asking no questions at the end of an interview shows a lack of enthusiasm for the position on offer – if you do ask questions, ask about important aspects of the job role rather than holidays, salary or employee perks. We’ve got some great questions you can ask here.

5.  You never followed up

It’s important to follow up your interview with a thank you note, this will make a great impression & reiterate your interest in the position. We have loads more useful tips on what to do after an interview here.


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