5 Worst Things about a Job Interview

  1. The nerves
    It’s normal to be nervous about a Job interview, just don’t let your nerves get the better of you – make sure you’re prepared and try to relax and it will be a-ok!
  1. The planning
    We all know the way to ace an interview is to plan, plan, plan but we also know that it’s hard work. Planning a normal outfit is hard enough let alone one for an interview! Check out our interview outfit guide and preparation tips!
  1. The group interview
    This one might not relate to you but group interviews, or panel interviews, are becoming very common! Just make sure you stand out and present yourself well from your appearance to your body language – make eye contact, don’t slouch and make sure you shake each interviewer’s hand! Don’t look bored or unengaged! Check out our guide to Interview Etiquette.
  1. Not hearing anything back
    You felt your interview went well but you still haven’t heard anything back? Read our blog post on what to do next!
  1. The questions
    Obviously, we don’t know what questions you’ll get asked but we can help you to prepare for the worst ones (What’s your biggest weakness?) Check out our Hardest Interview Questions post!

What to do after an Apprenticeship?

As you get closer towards the end of your Apprenticeship you need to start thinking about the next step! Some of you may have not been thinking much further than the apprenticeship itself so the whole thing can be quite daunting.

First things first, know your options! You need to know what is available in order to make an informed decision. Speak to your assessor, manager and even a Job Centre advisor!

Finding a job

If you started your apprenticeship straight from school then the thought of finding a job may be scary, make sure you do plenty of research and put the skills you’ve learnt into practise – if you need some extra help we’ve got some handy posts on CV tips and Interview tips!

Going permanent

You may be lucky enough to be offered a permanent position at the company! However if this hasn’t been mentioned try talking to your manager about current vacancies within the company and give clear, concrete examples of how you are an asset to the company.

Further Education

You may want to further your education, look at all your options whether it’s a higher level apprenticeship, university or a different route!

Finishing an apprenticeship is only the start of your career. Do your research, ask advice and make an informed decision!

Good luck!