What can an Apprentice do for your Business?

Now we nearly always focus on the learner in our blog so we thought it was about time we gave the employers some attention – this post is for you, employers!

You’ve probably seen all the benefits an Apprenticeship can have on a learner/employee but do you know what an Apprenticeship can bring to your business?

Whether you’re in the IT or Health Sector an apprenticeship can benefit you, there are many reasons to take one on! Here are our favourite benefits;

  • Vocational Training can help your business gain Skills & Knowledge that will enable you to work better and quicker.
  • Apprentices can strengthen your bottom line by improving productivity.
  • Apprentices can fill in any Skills Gaps in your workforce often introducing new techniques and technology to increase productivity.
  • Introducing a young enthusiastic apprenticeship into your company can generate new ideas and encourage a culture of learning.
  • Apprenticeships are a tried and tested way to recruit new staff, re-train or upskill existing staff.
  • Learning is undertaken in the workplace meaning there is minimum disruption.
  • Apprenticeships attract people who can bring fresh, innovative ideas to your business.
  • Apprenticeships allow you to mould young talent to their specific requirement.

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