What to Do After A Job Interview

Nothing is more frustrating than going to an interview, for a job you really want, and not hearing anything back for what seems like a lifetime. Sadly, after you’ve prepared for the interview and attended the interview you can’t just sit back and relax, you’ve got to follow up!

During the Interview

During the interview try to get a timescale of when the company will make their decision also make sure you ask for your interviewer’s business card – it will come in handy!

Straight after the interview

Thank them for taking the time to meet you! Send your interviewer(s) a thank you note as soon as you’ve had your interview, start composing the email whilst you’re still leaving the building (or at least in the next 24 hours). Most people tend to go for an email as it’s quick and efficient however some employers prefer ‘snail mail’ as it’s more personal and shows commitment – the choice is up to you, think about the industry you’re applying to work in, a technical company might prefer email. When writing to your interviewer ensure that you are using the correct titles and names (this is where the business cards come in handy!)

You should also make notes about your interview whilst it’s fresh in your mind, note down any questions you found tricky and a brief explanation of what went wrong and what went well – this could help with a possible second interview and future interviews.

After the time period has ended

If it has been longer than the expected timescale you were given, or it has been at least a week since your interview then it’s time to be proactive, follow up from the interview with an email or phone call, don’t overdo it though! The employer may miss one email but it’s a very slim chance he/she will have missed two emails. If you don’t hear back, or don’t hear the answer you wanted to hear then learn to move on – don’t burn bridges with the employer though as they could come in handy as a business connection or even refer you to somebody else!

If you do receive a job offer then reply as soon as possible, playing hard to get doesn’t work well in the business world!

Do Not:

  • Use personal details to contact them, or connect with any of their personal Social Media profiles, this is seen as intrusive!
  • Criticise the company on Social Media, it’s very likely someone within the company will be searching for use of their company name and it’s becoming very common for the company to check potential employee’s Social Media accounts before hiring!
  • Call or e-mail relentlessly, you don’t want to annoy the interviewer or give off a bad impression before they have even come to a decision.

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