Why I became a Social Media and Digital Marketing Apprentice.

Hello, it’s Chloe.

If you’ve ‘liked’ our Steadfast Training Ltd page on Facebook then you’ve probably seen the occasional ‘Chloe Update’ that is posted onto Facebook to keep everyone informed on what’s going on in the life of Chloe.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a Social Media & Digital Marketing Apprentice at Steadfast Training Ltd. I’m writing this blog post share with you how I came to work for Steadfast and if I’d recommend an Apprenticeship – I’ll try not to tell you my life story but I do have a habit of digressing.

After finishing my GCSE’s I went on to New College Stamford to study A-Levels in Media, Film Studies and Photography with the dreams of becoming the new David Bailey, however during the time I spent there I started to recognise I was enjoying Media more, I found Media straightforward yet still enjoyable, it made me think but I found it easy to understand, everything just clicked – after completing a module on the effects of Social and Digital Media I became increasingly interested in how it was used for marketing and how you can influence people through the use of language, video and image via online platforms. In spite of appreciating Media more I still applied to study Fashion Photography at University however the closer it came to September the more I realised that it wasn’t want I aspired to do anymore, my ambition had changed, I wanted a career in Social Media.

So, that’s when I entered the working world and managed to secure myself a Level 3 Social Media and Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with Steadfast Training Ltd in December. I’m more than halfway through my apprenticeship now and I don’t regret turning down University one bit.

An Apprenticeship has helped me develop old skills and learn new ones in a working environment, I’m learning how to deal with real working life problems, not theoretical ones – what’s even better is I’m earning money instead of growing the dreaded debt that comes with a student loan and the overdraft that most students have learnt to love.

I’m not only learning how and why Social Media works I’m also learning how to put it into practise and gaining experience as well as a qualification. So, to answer the question everybody asks ‘Would you recommend an apprenticeship?’ The answer is yes, I believe this is the right route for me and I’m glad I chose an Apprenticeship over Uni. It’s not only helping me develop my career, work ethics, qualifications and portfolio it’s also helping me develop myself as a person.

If you’re interested in an apprenticeship then check out the vacancies here or call us on 0845 223 2401

I’m looking forward to see what the future brings and of course I will keep you all up-to-date on what happens, so follow Steadfast’s blog to stay in touch!



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How Social Media can help you find a Job.


We all spend an excessive amount of time on Social networking sites, such as Facebook, so let’s put them to some use.

It’s said that looking for a job is a full-time job in itself, however using your beloved social media sites can make the whole procedure a little less painful. Within just a few clicks you could be intermingling with a prospective employer, applying for the job of your dreams and most importantly getting noticed. However, we’ve all got lost in the bizarre corners of YouTube before so we appreciate how hard it is to stay focussed; therefore we’ve composed a straightforward strategy to help you stay on track.

Step One:

The first and most important step is to polish any online profiles you have – we’ve all been tagged in bad pictures before but some things aren’t going to bide well when applying for a job, delete anything inappropriate, and adjust your privacy settings – make sure you know exactly how prospective employers view your profile.

Another great tip is to include keywords in your profile bio – especially on LinkedIn – if you have experience in retail make sure you include the words ‘experienced’ and ‘retail’ in your profile summary, this enables recruiters to find you easily.

Make sure you include all experience and education on LinkedIn, this will help employers source you and it’s indicated that the more robust your profile is the more experienced and hireable you look.

Sharing article and content regularly with your network on LinkedIn boosts your chances of being approached by an employer by 10. You should make sure you’re active on all of your profiles, only create accounts for those you can manage – it looks better to have 1 active, professional LinkedIn account than 10 different, rarely used accounts on everything from Pinterest to Facebook.

Step Two:

Connect with the right people; network with professionals in your desired industry, follow businesses and people who interest you and feel free to interact with them too (make sure your profile is professional first though!).

Following the right accounts can help you build a reputation and find vacancies simply, there are many Twitter accounts tweeting live vacancies – try following your local job centre on Twitter or follow us for great interview tips!

When searching for a job on social media try using hashtags to find relevant posts, tags such as #jobs #hiring #vacancies are great to start with – you can then start searching for more specific tags in your preferred industry. Another great tip is to search by location; this can help you find jobs in your local area!

I hope this helps you on your social media road to employment, give us some feedback – we’d love to hear if a social media site helped you find a job!